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Verbatim M-Disc™ optical media is the new standard for digital archival storage. Unlike traditional optical media, which utilise dyes that can break down over time, data stored on an M-Disc is engraved on a patented inorganic write layer – it will not fade or deteriorate. This unique engraving process renders these archival grade discs practically impervious to environmental exposure, including light, temperature and humidity.

ISO/IEC 16963 standard longevity tests have proven the durability of M-Disc technology, and it withstood rigorous testing by the US Department of Defense. Based on ISO/IEC 16963 testing, M-Disc media has a projected lifetime of several hundred years.

Designed for widely distributed large data such as scientific images, video, and other commercial application object data, Verbatim M-Disc BDXL media have a storage capacity of 100GB – allowing you to use fewer discs while archiving your files.


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M-Disc BDXL 100GB 25Pk 4x

A new standard in digital storage

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    Long Lifetime

    M-Disc Lifetime Archival discs have a projected lifetime of several hundred years based on longevity tests run by a third party. This means whether you’re saving precious photographs, music libraries, medical documents, and more, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing it’s on a disc designed to last a lifetime.

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    Resistance to deterioration

    Unlike traditional optical media, which utilise dyes that can breakdown over time, data stored on an M-Disc is engraved on a patented inorganic write layer. This makes it resistant to light, temperature, and humidity, counteracting some of the main causes of deterioration. This can give you the confidence that the data you have burned onto the disc will still be accessible for many years to come.

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    Optical discs have full backwards compatibility, the latest BDXL drives will play the first music CDs from the early 1980s. Optical drives will continue to develop for new technologies such as Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and even holographic discs, meaning you can be confident a compatible drive will be available if you need to recover your data from an M-Disc.

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    Product Roundup

    Verbatim’s M-Disc optical media is the ideal choice for anyone who is wanting to save their data for many years to come. The inorganic write layer ensures that the main causes of deterioration are not an issue while the backwards compatibility gives you the peace of mind that you will still be able to access your data 50 years down the track.


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    Inkjet Printable

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    2 Years

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