From the look to the feel to the performance, RAT PRO X3 is precision incarnate. With improved agility and a magnesium alloy chassis that’s light and super strong. Titanium screw fittings and a carbon fibre thumb-plate further reinforce the mouse. Super-hydrophobic coatings help keep your hand dry in the heat of battle. The magnesium alloy on the primary buttons, you are guaranteed a quicker, more reliable actuation. Swift yet strong, comfortable, and deeply customizable, RAT PRO X3 exists to make you a better gamer. Ultra-reliable OMRON switches with an industry-leading life of 50 million clicks ensure that this mouse can cope with even the highest Actions Per Minute (APM).




R.A.T. Pro X3 Gaming Mouse

The most customisable gaming mouse

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    Perfect Your Grip

    Adjustability is part of the RAT DNA. Without the means to customize and truly make it your own, it would be just another gaming mouse. In addition to adjusting their length and height, you can rotate your palm rests – from 0-15 degrees – along the core axis. Interchangeable pinkie grips and thumb rests let you dial-in your grip until the mouse feels like a natural extension of your hand. Experiment with 3 different palm rests, 2 thumb wings, and 3 pinkie rests.

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    Revolutionary Scroll Wheel

    Our new revolutionary system, using optical technology and analogue axis capability, redefines the scroll wheel function. We give you the ability to precisely calibrate tension and speed, and swap the actual wheel depending on gaming how you want the game to be played. The standout upgrade – a world’s first- is analog strafe. Its new design and optical encoder harmonize as one and the wheel pivots from side-to-side, giving you an extra, fully analogue axis. This additional axis opens up the possibility of ‘peeking’ out from behind cover, or even circle-strafing enemies, a breakthrough control method which gives you a distinct advantage over the competition – exclusive to the R.A.T. PRO X3.

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    Ultimate Responsiveness

    With an extraordinary response time of 0.3 ms and your physical dexterity and skill, you can always beat your enemies in advance on the battlefield. Choose how quickly the mouse glides across your mouse pad. Use either ceramic or Teflon feet to vary the way your mouse stops, starts, and handles. By altering the glide material, you can alter the co-efficient of friction and the find the best balance of performance for your gaming surface.

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    Product Roundup

    The R.A.T. Pro X3 Gaming Mouse gives you ultimate precision and control. With so many customisable parts, you can create your perfect mouse. With extraordinary response times, the R.A.T. Pro X3 will be able to keep up with all your movements. The RGB Lighting and F.L.U.X. interface allow you to create multiple profiles, 10 of which can be stored in the onboard memory. The R.A.T. PRO X3 comes fitted with industry-leading OMRON switches (a life expectancy of 50 million clicks), ensuring that your gaming mouse won’t let you down in the heat of the action!


  • Sensor:

    Pixart PMW3389

  • DPI Range:

    Up to 16000

  • USB Report Rate:

    Up to 3000Hz

  • Onboard Memory:

    10 Profiles

  • Programmable Buttons:


  • Acceleration:


  • Tracking Speed:

    400 IPS

  • Frame Rate:


  • Lifetime Clicks:

    OMRON Switches, 50M Clicks

  • Weight:

    105g without cable

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