10W Car Mount Wireless Charger




Featuring the latest technology in wireless charging this Qi-certified charger will have your device charged without even having to remove your phone from its case. The Car Mount Wireless 10W charger allows you to simply push your phone into the cradle using a lock and release feature. This ensures that your phone is stored securely and charged while you’re driving. 




Car Mount 10W Wireless Charger with Touch Sensor

Completely Wireless charging

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    Cordless Charging

    Offering the latest in wireless charging technologies this Qi certified charger is capable of supporting up to 7.5W for iPhone and 10W for Android devices. This device can charge your mobile device through most cases offering a convenient charging experience without even having to remove your phone.

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    Internal Battery

    By having an internal battery within the cradle device your phone can continue to charge without even having to start the engine. Perfect for when you’re chilling in the car waiting for someone or even watching a game of sport parked under a tree. Keep your devices alive for longer.

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    Convenient Window Mount

    When you’re mounting your mobile device in your car it's essential that you place it in a spot that’s comfortable for you. Have complete flexibility with both dashboard and window mounts ensuring that you remain as comfortable and safe as possible when cradling your phone while driving.

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    Product Roundup

    Having complete wireless charging functionality is incredibly handy when you’re in a hurry and you need to charge your device on the go. No more will you go to grab your phone while jumping out of the car only to pull out the charger in the process. The Car Mount Wireless Charger 10W is a fantastic product for storing away your mobile device while driving.


  • Input:

    DC 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A Max

  • Output:

    DC 5W, 7.5W, 10W Max

  • Battery Spec:

    DC3.7v-80,Ah, UN 38.3, KC certified

  • Operating Temperature:

    0°C - 35°C

  • Protections:

    Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, FOD

  • Warranty:

    1 Year

  • Dimensions:

    118mm x 83.7mm x 67mm

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