4.8A 4-Port USB Travel Charger




When you’re globetrotting, it can be incredibly frustrating to constantly buy a new charger every time that you encounter a new power point. The 4.8A Travel Charger has you completely covered providing a stress-free travel experience. With adapters covering over 150 countries worldwide, you will be hard-pressed to find a country not covered by this device. 




4.8A 4-Port USB Travel Charger

A stress-free travel experience

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    Covering 150 Countries

    The adaptors included with the charger are capable of charging devices in over 150 countries worldwide throughout the EU, US, AU and the UK. Simply click and connect the adaptor that suits your current location.

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    Complete Protection

    Charging your device across all kinds of weird and wonderful power points is always stressful due to varying levels of current and capacity. Have complete confidence when charging your devices with fire resistance, over current, short circuit, over voltage and temperature protection. We worry about the safety of your device while charging so you don’t have to.

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    Charging Output

    With a total output of 4.8A (24W) with each port maxing out at 2.4A the automatic power distribution across four ports ensures that multiple devices will be charged safely and efficiently. Capable of charging smartphones and tablets the 4.8A Travel Charger is a fantastic travel companion.

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    Product Roundup

    When you’re travelling, encountering the weird and wonderful world of power points in different countries can be incredibly frustrating. The issues dealing with multiple charging ports combined with varying power levels are completely covered with the 4.8 Travel Charger. It’s always fantastic having one less thing to worry about when you’re travelling the world.


  • Included Plug:


  • Input Voltage:

    100-240V, 50-60 Hz

  • Output:

    4.8A (24W), each port max 2.4A

  • Dimensions:

    72mm x 55mm x 27mm

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