Apple Lightning USB 3.0 Drive

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Enhance the storage capacity of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Enjoy a data transfer experience that stems from simplicity whilst embodying seamless high-speed data transfer. The Verbatim Lightning USB 3.0 comes with MFi certification and a free user-friendly application for direct movie and video playback. 





Apple Lightning USB 3.0 Drive

A streamlined data experience for Apple devices.

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    MFi Certification

    The MFi certification process places Apple products through a series of rigorous mechanical, stress and electrical tests. These tests provide a much-needed baseline for quality, compliance and safety. Products that aren’t MFi certified may loosely fit within your Lightning ports and may not work well with your devices.

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    Music & Video Playback

    The Verbatim Lightning USB 3.0 comes with a free user-friendly application for iPhone available from the app store. The application provides direct music and video playback, contact and data backup, photo sharing, file management and iPhone Touch ID supported fingerprint data encryption. 

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    Lightning Fast Transfer Speeds

    Experience lightning-fast data transfer speeds via SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology. Transfer data seamlessly across your Apple devices while ensuring that you have a secure back up for when the unexpected happens. 

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    Product Roundup

    The Verbatim Lightning USB 3.0 is a powerful storage tool for your Apple devices. The user-friendly application that comes with the hardware is incredibly easy to use and has all the bases covered when it comes to providing direct music and video playback while providing a complete backup of your device. The perfect solution for those long car trips or even that peace of mind you get when you know you have a sturdy backup on hand.


  • Interface:

    Lightning & USB 3.0

  • System Requirements:

    iPhone/iPad/iPad Air/iPad Pro/iPod Touch: iOS 7.0 or higher Windows: 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP MAC: OS X 10.4 or higher

  • Read Speed:

    USB: Up to 70MB/s Lightning: Up o 30MB/s

  • Write Speed:

    USB: Up to 30MB/s Lightning: Up to 15MB/s

  • Warranty:

    1 Year

  • Dimensions:

    55mm x 20mm x 7mm

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