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The Verbatim HDMI 2.1 Cable is the leader of the pack when it comes to providing the ultimate movie and storyline gaming experience. Support high definition audio and visuals through multiple resolution and frame rates ranging from 4K/48HZ to a maximum of 10K/120HZ. The higher resolution enables sharp images and deep colour contrasts providing a superior experience for watching movies and playing storyline-based games. Higher resolution and faster frame rates up to 10K, 10240 x 4320P will require Display Stream Compression (DSC).





HDMI 2.1 Cable 200cm

Experience sharp visuals like never before

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    Increased Bandwidth

    The Verbatim HDMI 2.1 provides double the bandwidth capacity when compared to the HDMI 2.0. This allows the cable to support the full range of uncompressed HDMI features including 8K video with HDR up to 48 Gbps. Capable of providing exceptionally low EMI emissions combined with backward HDMI compatibility makes the HDMI 2.1 the superior choice for all media streaming environments.  

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    Supports Dynamic HDR

    Advanced from static HDR (High Dynamic Range), Dynamic HDR extends the colour space for better contrast. HDR is the difference between the whitest whites and the blackest blacks in your display. Having HDR capability ensures that scenes of high contrast can be viewed with increased clarity with ideal depth, detail and brightness.

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    (VRR) Variable Refresh Rate Capability

    Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) provides for the optimal storyline gaming experience and can often be utilised within competitive gaming environments depending on the capacity of your PC. Effectively eliminate interaction lag, frame stutter, skipping and tearing providing for the ultimate gaming experience. VRR capability will automatically adjust refresh rate on a frame by frame basis providing gamers with the opportunity to put their reaction times to the test.

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    Product Roundup

    The Verbatim HDMI 2.1 cable is the best fit for providing a completely immersive gaming and movie experience. Eliminating tearing and image shutter while enabling sharp image contrasts and deep colour spectrums provide for a superior visual experience. When running up to 10K in both movie and gaming environments ensure that DSC (Display Stream Compression), monitor capacity and the capabilities of your PC are considered. This will ensure that you maintain the best visual experience possible.


  • Length:


  • Bandwidth:

    18Gbps Max

  • Resolution:

    4K UltraHD 50/60Hz

  • Warranty:

    2 Years

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