Magnetic Car Vent Phone Holder




Operate your mobile device completely hands free while displaying Google Maps directly within eye shot. Simply secure your mobile device while you’re in the car with the Magnetic Car Air Vent Phone Holder. Mounting the device only takes one hand with the simple magnetic feature for the car’s air vent ensuring a safe driving experience. Don’t put up with your phone rattling around in the centre console anymore by ensuring that your device is safely secured.  




Magnetic Car Air Vent Phone Holder

A simple hands-free solution for your car

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    Magnetic Feature

    A strong magnet safely holds your mobile device in place while you’re on the go. Simply clip the device onto the air vent to secure your mobile phone. The device comes with two metal plates and transparent tape to attach to the back of your phone. This plate will firmly attach to the magnet holding your phone securely in place.

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    Safe Driving

    Put your mind at ease while you’re driving by keeping your phone safely secured. The incredibly compact size of the device ensures that vision isn’t obscured in any way and that your phone remains safe and away from the centre console of your car with the rest of the clutter. 

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    Product Roundup

    The Magnetic Car Air Vent Phone Holder is a great tool for securing your device so you can use Google Maps and play music safely. Never again will you turn a corner only to have your phone change songs as it shuffles about in your centre console’s drink holder. Being able to simply secure your device with little hassles is essential when you’re driving.


  • Warranty:

    1 Year

  • Dimensions:

    34.8mm (dia) x 34.6mm

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