2-in-1 Braided Cable




The 2-in-1 Braided Cable is compatible with both MicroUSB and Lightning ports. This versatility allows for charging across both Apple and Android based products with ease. No more will you need to carry a tangle of cables while you’re on the go to charge your Samsung phone and your Apple iPad. The Verbatim 2-in-1 Braided Cable can support up to 2.4A current allowing for an incredibly fast charging experience catering for all device sizes.





2-in-1 MicroUSB, Lightning Cable

Charges via both MicroUSB and Lightning ports

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    Charges micro USB and lightning ports

    The 2-in-1 charging adapter is the perfect companion for those long car trips when there are quite often multiple device types in the car. Charge them all with ease by simply switching over the adapter depending on the device. The dual functionality ensures that the extra cable that is often carried is never forgotten again.

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    Durable Nylon Braid

    The durable nylon braid provides added flexibility providing extra strength when bending the cable to connect to those hard to reach power point locations. This is combined with internal pure copper wires for extra strength and an increase in data transfer capabilities. 

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    Pure Copper Wires

    The 1.2 M Metallic 2-in-1 Cable is developed with pure copper wires for higher efficiency of transfer (24 AWG). This ensures that the cable offers significantly less resistance than its 26 AWG counterpart providing a much higher level of current. 

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    Product Roundup

    The 1.2 M Metallic 2-in-1 Cable is a fantastic travel companion for those who carry multiple devices that are across multiple platforms. The capacity to support 2.4A current ensures that there is significant charge across multiple devices. The nylon braid is also a fantastic feature especially on car trips when multiple passengers need their devices charged and the cord is constantly being shifted around when the passengers decide to be the car DJ.


  • Length:


  • Output:

    Up to 2.4A

  • Transmission Speed:


  • Warranty:

    2 Years

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