Milan Laptop Roller Bags




The Milan is a stylish hard shell overnight roller case that at first glance looks like your standard travel case. Look closer and you will notice that aside from the spacious clothing compartment the Milan also has a separate dedicated 14" notebook pocket complete with business organiser.

The inside clothing compartment includes two full-size mesh pockets that can be secured with clips and two adjustable garment straps to keep everything neatly in place. Your notebook and personal items will enjoy the security of an included TSA combination lock, keeping everything safe and secure. The Milan Notebook roller complies with all major airlines sizes for carry-on luggage and will become your best travel companion to date!




Milan Roller for 13" Notebook

Overnight in style

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    13” Notebook Pocket

    The dedicated pocket on the Milan Overnight Roller Bag allows you to secure your 13” or smaller laptop while travelling. With straps to stop your laptop from sliding around inside the bag, you can be confident that your laptop will not be damaged in transit. The addition of a business organiser means that you can easily put your hands on anything that you need to continue working on the road.

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    Large Clothing Compartment

    The clothing compartment includes two mesh pockets and a large amount of space to fit all your clothes into. With a small storage area in the lid opening as well as the main compartment, you maximise the space available for clothing. The garment strap helps keep everything in place so that things don’t fall out when you open the case.

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    Ideal for Carry-on Luggage

    The Milan Roller has 360° wheels and an ergonomic grip handle making it easy to manoeuvre this case with one hand. Add to this the TSA approved combination lock and the fact that it meets carryon luggage size requirements for all major airlines makes this the perfect companion to take on your next business trip.

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    Product Roundup

    The Milan Roller is a stylish hard shell overnight roller case perfect for your next overnight trip, whether it is for work or you’re going somewhere to have some fun. The notebook pocket with business organiser means that can easily access all your documents and laptop without spilling your clothes everywhere. The hard outer shell and the TSA combination lock protect the contents of the case. All of these things plus the ability to be used as carryon luggage for any airline will make this your favourite travel companion.


  • Volume:

    40 Litres

  • Dimensions:

    520mm x 350mm x 275mm

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