Pro+ 4k MicroSD Card




Capture picturesque video quality with the Pro + MicroSD Card at the highest resolution standards. Optimize video capture performance across camcorders, cameras, smartphones and tablets. Record video in 4K Ultra HD and transfer the video to your computer seamlessly. 





Pro+ 4k MicroSD Card with Adaptor

Capture those moments in 4K Ultra HD

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    High-Quality Capture & Fast Transfer

    The UHS Speed Class 3 can support a write speed of up to 80 MB/s allowing for the rapid recording of full HD video content. The minimum transfer limit of 30 MB/s ensures that the video recording process minimises the risk of dropping frames, effectively eliminating any playback issues. The read speed of up to 90MB/s enables you to swiftly transfer your files off your memory card.

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    Device Compatibility

    The Pro+ MicroSD Card is compatible with any device that has a MicroSD memory slot. The addition of an SD adaptor enables you to use it in any SD memory slot. This allows for seamless video transfer across multiple devices in a way that best suits your workflow. The Verbatim Pro+ MicroSD memory cards are water-resistant and shock-resistant. A great feature when you’re outdoors recording and the unexpected happens. 

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    Record in Ultra HD

    Capture those unique moments in Ultra HD without dropping a single frame. Experience enhanced video resolution and clarity bringing your videos and images to life. Not missing a single frame makes for an incredibly realistic Ultra HD experience. Whether it’s capturing those fleeting moments such as a bird’s wings or that subtle smile during a moment of joy the Pro+ MicroSD Card captures it all.

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    Product Roundup

    The Pro+ MicroSD Card can capture stunning imagery in Ultra HD without dropping frames ensuring high-quality video capture. This feature combined with UHS Speed Class 3 data transfer provides for the ultimate video recording experience.


  • Capacity:


  • Read Speed:

    Up to 90MB/s

  • Write Speed:

    Up to 80MB/s

  • UHS Speed Class:


  • Video Speed Class:


  • Bus interface:


  • Resistance:

    Water, shock, temperature

  • Warranty:

    Limited Lifetime

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