Slider USB 2.0 Drive

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The Store ‘n’ Go Slider USB Drive is a fantastic solution to your mobile storage needs. Capable of sharing and transporting files with ease, this compact USB has you covered. Featuring a retractable design as well as a key ring lanyard makes the Verbatim Slider USB drive an incredible travel companion.





Slider USB 2.0 Drive

Share & Transport Files with Ease

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    Retractable Design

    The sleek retractable design ensures the safety of the USB connector when not in use. An absolute must-have feature if you have ever found yourself digging to the bottom of your laptop bag looking for that USB cap that came loose.

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    Keyring Lanyard

    Add your USB device to your keyring to ensure that you have a mobile storage solution wherever you go. Simply thread the Slider USB device onto your keyring or backpack and your good to go. A great feature when you’re travelling and if you often find yourself in need of transferring files between devices.

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    2 Year Limited Warranty

    Have complete peace of mind with the Verbatim 2-year limited product warranty. The two-year limited warranty ensures that you’re covered when the unexpected happens and your device stops doing what it’s supposed to.

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    Product Roundup

    The Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Slider USB Drive is a great travel companion when you find yourself needing to transfer files across multiple devices. Being able to simply slide the device closed to protect the USB connector is a great feature. A fantastic product to have attached to your keyring or laptop bag.


  • Capacity:


  • Colours:

    Black/Black, Black/Red

  • Interface:

    USB 2.0

  • Warranty:

    Limited Lifetime

  • Dimensions:

    58.5mm x 21mm x 11mm

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