Tough Max Lightning Cable

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The Verbatim Tough Max Lightning Cable leads the charge in heat resistance and product durability. The incredibly tough, lightweight Kevlar laced interior provides durability like no other. Supporting power charging up to 2.4A and a data transfer capacity of up to 480Mb/s the Verbatim Tough Max Lightning cable is a proven force to be reckoned with. 





Tough Max Lightning Cable

Military Grade Strength

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    Kevlar Internal Lining

    The Verbatim Tough Max Lightning cable is developed with a Kevlar interior. Kevlar is heat resistant with strong military-grade synthetic fibre. This unique combination provides the ultimate solution to the majority of challenges faced with charging cables.

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    MFi Certification

    The MFi certification process places lightning cords through a series of rigorous mechanical, stress and electrical tests. These tests provide a much-needed baseline for quality, compliance and safety. Certified products are tailored to Apple products to provide an optimal charging experience. Products that aren’t MFi certified may loosely fit within your charging ports and can even overheat in some cases. 

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    Compatible Devices 

    The Verbatim Tough Max Lightning cable with Kevlar is incredibly versatile having the capability to charge and sync data across multiple Apple products that have lightning port functionality. This provides a seamless charging experience while you’re on the go across multiple devices. 

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    Product Roundup

    The heat resistant Kevlar interior adds significant strength and durability to the product that’s not often seen amongst its key competitors. Combining the Kevlar interior with enhanced durability and a two-year product warranty alleviates the majority of the major customer pain points around product durability and quality. The Slimline Case Connector allows for case versatility by enabling easy fit functionality for protective cases. The combination of these features provides an incredibly versatile product fit for all occasions.


  • Available Lengths:

    120cm, 30cm

  • Colours:

    Black, Rose Gold

  • Output:

    Up to 2.4A

  • Transmission Speed:


  • Warranty:

    2 Years

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