ToughMAX Military-Grade USB 3.0 Drive

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The Verbatim ToughMax USB 3.0 Drive is made using KyronMAX™ compounds that serve as a more durable metal option rather than using thermostatic plastic material. Capable of withstanding incredibly punishing conditions the ToughMax USB 3.0 Drive is the ultimate USB for the outdoors.





ToughMAX Military-Grade USB 3.0 Drive

Tough storage, when lost data isn’t an option.

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    KyronMAX™ Material

    This incredible material has been adopted by many industries including aerospace, medical, industrial and automotive, and has a tensile strength to weight ratio that is higher than steel. This unique blend of attributes provides the ultimate data storage experience for demanding situations where the loss of functionality isn’t an option. 

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    Compatible media experience

    Allow for multiple device compatibility across all devices with a USB connection. USB ports have rapidly become the standard in the industry for connecting devices both within the realms of storage and functionality. This versatility will ensure that USB ports don’t become a thing of the past. 

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    Incredibly Tough

    The ToughMAX USB drive is enclosed with a KryonMax structural casing. This structural casing is capable of withstanding up to 2250 Kg worth of crush force, water immersion up to a depth of 30m and extreme temperatures ranging from -35 to 150 degrees Celsius. Have complete confidence that your data is safe no matter where you are. 

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    Product Roundup

    The use of KyronMAX™ combined with an incredibly compact design makes the ToughMAX USB 3.0 Drive the ultimate storage device for outdoors and high demand situations. Store and transfer your media files from out in the field to the office with complete confidence. With capacities of 32Gb and 64GB store files of all shapes and sizes with complete confidence.


  • Capacity:

    32GB - 64GB

  • Interface:

    USB 3.0

  • Crush Resistance:

    Up to 2250kg

  • Water Resistance:

    Up to 30m

  • Temperature Resistance:

    -25°C - 150°C

  • Warranty:

    2 Years

  • Dimensions:

    46mm x 20mm x 9mm

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