Mini USB 2.0 Drive

$10.95 - $20.95



Experience the peak of USB drive versatility with the Store ‘n’ Go Mini USB 2.0 Drive. Simply plug in the USB drive and drag and drop your files for instant storage. It comes with a protective cap for the USB connector, and an optional lanyard to attach the drive to a keyring or mobile phone.





Mini USB 2.0 Drive

Reliable storage at your fingertips

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    Effectively back up your files while you’re on the go while enjoying fast transfer speeds via 2.0 functionality. With storage options ranging from 16 GB to 64GB, the Mini USB 2.0 provides an incredibly versatile data storage solution.

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    Protective Cap

    The protective cap ensures that your device is protected while you’re on the go. The cap ensures that you will not have any issues with dirt or crumbs getting into the connect port while the drive is kicking around the bottom of your bag.

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    Compatible media experience

    Allow for multiple device compatibility across all devices with a USB connection. USB ports have rapidly become the standard in the industry for connecting devices both within the realms of storage and functionality. This versatility will ensure that USB ports don’t become a thing of the past. 

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    Product Roundup

    The Mini USB 2.0 is an incredibly cost-effective solution for storing files and photos on the go. In a day and age where USB functionality has rapidly become the standard across multiple devices, a memory stick is a must-have for transferring movies, music and files. The cap protects the USB connection while it’s not in use minimizing the risk of damage while ensuring the safety of your data.


  • Capacity:


  • Colours:

    Black, Blue, Violet, Green

  • Interface:

    USB 2.0

  • Warranty:

    Limited Lifetime

  • Dimensions:

    54.1mm x 6.4mm x 1.75mm

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